Commercial Glass Tabletops

Glass Table Tops, Business Glass, Office Glass Kelly's Glass & Mirror Co. specializes in providing glass tabletops for businesses throughout the Las Vegas Valley area.
Businesses have many applications for glass tabletops from executive offices to conference room tables to desk tops. Installing a glass tabletop on your business’ fine wood surfaces will offer excellent protection while allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine through.

Kelly's Glass & Mirror Co.  fabricates glass tabletops to various shapes and sizes. Our glass tabletops are available with custom edge treatments, including Flat Polish, Pencil Polish, Beveled, Ogee, Chiseled, and Sandblasted chiseled edges. We offer glass tabletops from 1/4" to 1" thick. We also have glass that comes in various colors to match and accent your furniture or décor.

Commercial Glass Tabletops

   * Office Desks
   * Lobby Tables
   * Credenzas
   * Conference Room Tables
   * Countertops
   * Display Cases

Glass Tabletop Options

   * 1/4" to 1" Thick Glass
   * Variety of Colors
   * Custom Fabrication and Edgework
   * Custom Shapes and Sizes
   * Expert Installation

Residential Glass Tabletops

Glass Tabletops, Table Tops, Tempered Glass Kelly's Glass & Mirror Co. has been providing high quality glass tabletops to homeowners in the Las Vegas Valley area. Glass Tabletops are a great way to protect those fine wood surfaces, while allowing the beauty of the wood to be seen. Glass tabletops are often associated with a classy formal dining room table, but glass tabletops have many applications.

Whether you need a glass tabletop, glass countertop, or glass shelves for your home, the professionals at Kelly's Glass & Mirror Co. can help from design to delivery. We will show you the different shapes and sizes, thicknesses, and glass types that are available. Nothing adds beauty like a sparkling glass tabletop.

Residential Glass Tabletops
   * Glass Countertops
   * Home Office Desks
   * Bedroom Night Stands
   * Kitchen Tables
   * Coffee Tables
   * Dining Room Tables
Kelly's Glass & Mirror Co.  offers glass tabletops with various edge treatments, including Flat Polish, Pencil Polish, Beveled edge, Ogee Edge, and Wave Edge. Variety of Colors and Custom Fabrication