Warranty of Workmanship

The above Subcontractor, whose representative’s signature appears below, warrants for the period of one (1) year from the date of substantial completion that, free of charge to the Owner, they will make any repairs that apply to Subcontractor’s specific scope of work resulting from defects in workmanship applied by or through Subcontractor.  Subcontractor will inspect and furnish the labor and materials for repairs covered under this Warranty at no cost to Owner.

Owner must notify Subcontractor in writing of any repairs required under this Warranty.  Subcontractor has ten (10) working days to inspect and make repairs.  In the event of failure to comply with Owner’s request within ten working days of receipt of written notice, Owner is authorized to proceed in having said defects repaired and made good at Subcontractor’s expense.  Subcontractor will honor and pay the charges upon demand.

Exclusions:  Ordinary wear and tear, unusual abuse or neglect, any work altered by others, and any acts of God.