Glass Shelves Gaining In Recognition

Living room design is very important to many people. This is because this is the place where guests come and become entertained. This is also the place where visitors actually form an opinion about the overall house. If the living room is full of clutter, then that goes to show the general disarray that could be prevalent in the rest of the house. That is why for many, storing away clutter in the form of books, stationery, figurines, carvings, picture frames, toys and the like is important. Many just solve this problem by throwing excess junk into the garage. Others choose wooden, plastic or glass.

Wooden shelves have been prevalent for a long time. This is because they are easy to maintain and can easily blend with the rest of the furniture in the room. Most people have wooden chairs, wooden tables and stools and therefore see it as natural to have wooden shelves. But as people become more and more exotic and want new designs for their living rooms, glass shelves have began to become more and more common. This is because in many houses, you will see that there are glass coffee tables and these can blend exceptionally well with shelves that are made of glass. But what makes glass shelves popular?

The first reason is that they are beautiful to look at. For centuries, shelves have been made of wood and this has become common. But today, people are going exotic and therefore more creative. A cursory look at interior design magazines will reveal that glass is in. Glass also blends extremely well with flowers and gives a futuristic 21st century look and feel to the room.

Another reason why glass is becoming popular when choosing shelves is because it is strong. The glass that makes shelves is not the same glass that makes ordinary drinking glass. The glass found on shelves is called tempered glass. This is glass that has passed through a special refining process and this makes it very strong and not susceptible to breakages. When this glass breaks, it only breaks in a few pieces as opposed to a hundred or a thousand little pieces which can be very dangerous. Also, the glass that makes shelves does not easily chip. That makes it ideal because it does not release microscopic glass particles that can easily get into food and drink. Strength is important for shelves because there are many types of books that can be placed on it. While regular books are hardly an issue, there are people who have large encyclopedias and manuscripts. These, if in large quantities, can be very heavy and cause undue strain on the structure of the shelf. Shelves made of glass are designed specifically to withstand this weight. They are also designed to withstand the weight of books and other items placed on the top portion of the shelf. Some people even place items such as stereo equipment on the shelves and small TVs.
We at Kelly's Glass & Mirror can custom make your glass or mirrored shelves for you at any size you want for whatever application you desire, in anything from 1/4" thickness up to 1/2", annealed or tempered glass.  You specify any type of edgework you'd like on your shelves, from a basic shop polish to a pencil polish to patterned edges, and we'll do it for you.  Tell us what you want, and we'll get it to you fast and reasonably priced!